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Cozi Tricks #1: Syntax Highlighting

As we have extensively upgraded and extended our Cozi recently, I recognized that most of us do use very few features, and might not even be aware what can be done with the beast. I therefore will start a serie of articles about the "hidden secrets of our Cozi" here There will be no special order or weight, I will just write them as they come in my mind.

Personally spoken, I love the style Trac is using Pygments by default to present code in the repository browser view:


But taste is a personal matter, and it's actually trivial to completely adapt the style to yours. Simply visit your user profile at http://code.zikula.org/core/prefs/pygments (replace "core" with the name of any other project you work on), and here you are:


Now the fun comes in, you can play with the styles offered there, e.g.:


If you found your favorite, simply apply. Your code browser will come now with the style you selected:


There are even more tweaks, e.g. to set the default style for your project or create your own, but I will leave this for another article.

Enjoy our Cozi, happy hacking!

Greetings, Chris (slam) Hildebrandt

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